All my tips & Tricks for getting the best self-tan at home


I showered, exfoliated with a sugar scrub and shaved applicable areas the day before application. After showering I moisturized and did again right before application to prep my skin.


I used a Tarte thick double sided mitt for application. I don’t have a St. Tropez brand mitt to use with it however, I have heard great things about it.

I applied in long sweeping motions starting at my feet and worked up to my face. Each time adding more pumps (about 2-3) peer area of application. It went on really easy and I added two layers to my legs. I included my face, back of neck, front and back of ears. I personally use the mitt for my face and head areas but you can use a foundation buffing makeup brush if you’d like.


After 8+ hours of wear, I showered with soap. This washed off the excess product and of course changed the coloring. Sadly, I saw a lot of product go down the drain *insert crying emoji*. I will say that I didn’t notice any product streaks on my body and I didn’t see any product reside on my clothing. Which matched their claims -so that’s a MAJOR win!. Lastly, I applied moisturizer again, but this time all over my body and put PJs on for the night! I loved the shade after washing, even after watching a lot of it go down the drain. LOL.


This is definitely not the worst self tanner I’ve ever used and I know many people have great results with it. Perhaps it is not for someone as pale as I am. However, I would still suggest, as with every self tanner, that you shower, exfoliate with a body scrub, and shave beforehand. For best results do these things about 24 hours before application, including waxing.

Also DO NOT SKIP moisturizing very dry areas or even your whole body. Especially focus on toes, ankles, knees, elbows, armpits, wrists and hands. Keep these areas moisturized as the days go on after application too for better fading.

You don’t need to apply the tanner to your face if you don’t want to. I choose to because it doesn’t break me out and I hangout at home or sometimes leave the house without makeup on so I prefer to match all over.

Lastly, I would suggest to use a thick tanning mitt that is more firm in material (stay away from thin flimsy materials because they don’t last).

For all the details on which self-tanner I used for this application run-down, read this link here:

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