After having two babies, who are now toddlers, I’ve created a must-have list for all new mamas. This list is for a first, second or even third time mom. I’ve only included my top items for newborns to infants here. I will write a separate post for my must-have toddler items.

So of course there are always the top named brands and items that get shared over and over (especially on social media), but honestly there is a reason for it. I’ll be included these raves because, well honestly there are that good! And worth every penny!

Alright, so lets start with the must-haves for you mama. As a new mom I didn’t think much about the items I’d want or need to be successful and comfortable. But, by baby number 2 I knew I couldn’t afford to skip these necessities.

  1. Ice packs! You’ll need soft, fabric covered, reusable ice packs for any number of places on your body. Breasts, crotch, arms, stomach, head & neck, etc. You’ll probably find relief from having them.
  2. If you gave birth vaginally then you won’t want to skip on heavy pads, the bleeding unfortunately doesn’t stop quickly so you’ll want night time pads (not too thick though because if you sit on them too long your butt will numb and cause other discomforts – take it from me, I learned that the hard way!). You’ll also want medium thickness pads as well as you start to wear normal clothing and underwear again. They will need to fit you comfortably so you can move and not feel like you’re wearing a diaper.
  3. Speaking of comfortability in the nether region, you want to buy soft, comfy hipster/boxer brief style underwear. I found this style was easier to use with pads AND fit on my changing body shape, they can suck your belly in too! Also, they don’t give you a wedgy as bad as other styles can.
  4. I also hear more and more about witch hazel spray for the down-under but I haven’t tried the spray as much. I did love the witch hazel wet pads though. Those were cool and soothing. I imagine the spray would probably be a great option as well. either way do NOT skip buying a naturopathic, witch hazel based product to use on your vagina. It has so many healing and soothing properties that you will be grabbing it every time you use the restroom.
  5. While I’m talking about the ‘restroom ritual’, you’ll DEFINITELY want to use the amazing plastic bottle the hospital gives you, it’s called a perineal spray bottle or peri bottle. DO not skip this. Omgsh has it been a life saving, emotional breakdown-preventing, pain relief tool. Fill with warm water and spray right after peeing, don’t wipe just pat dry with TP and flush! Ask your Dr. about adding salt to the water too, to see if that is safe but I know salt can help with infections, and healing. You’ll thank me later.
  6. No matter if you plan to breastfeed or not you’ll experience leaking, colostrum and/or milk. So you’ll want to have breast pads ready for all of that! Count on it being messy and uncontrollable at different stages. Over time you’ll experience less leakage and random let downs (milk being released from the ducts). In the mean time you’ll want to be prepared with pads to absorb the milk. I will say I loved the disposable styles that have a sticky back to attach to your bra. It allowed me to toss them each day or every time they got wet. It can be uncomfortable to have that on your skin. So into the garbage they go! I did buy a few pairs of reusable pads, and those worked great too. You’ll need to have enough on hand for when they are dirty in the laundry and can’t be immediately washed.