I’ve heard endless reviews praising Clean Skin Club, especially their disposable & biodegradable facial towel, Clean Towels. I can’t wait to show you ever detail in photos this week! Once my Black Friday order arrives. (Don’t miss out on 20% off by using my code ‘RACHDUPREE’ shop here: https://bit.ly/2JemIVO)

What are they?

“Clean Towels are the first disposable, organic, and 100% biodegradable face towel. We created this product to complete any skincare routine in the best way possible, ensuring the skin is super clean and untouched by bacteria and germs that harbor on regular washroom towels. These towels are famed for their durability, ultra soft texture, and leaving users feeling fresh, clean, and confident in their skincare. They can be used to dry after cleansing, or as a makeup removing cloth.” (Clean Skin Club – https://cleanskinclub.com/products/clean-towels).

What makes them special?

❁ World’s 1st disposable &  biodegradable facial towel.

❁ Extra absorbent & perfect for removing makeup.

❁ Chemical free, organic & unscented.

❁ Extremely soft.

Natural Viscose Fiber
Our viscose fibre is natural and fully biodegradable. Sustainability is vital for us as a leader in disposable hygiene. We commit to responsible sourcing and production, environmental protection and community development.
Rayon fibers are made from organic materials, and are as soft and more absorbent than other natural fabrics like wool, silk or linen. 

More to mention…

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